Soya Bean Seedlings

The immature seeds of the edible soybean are a nutritious snack. To make the Japanese favorite "edemame, Steam or boil the whole pods for 3-5 minutes and set out (salted or unsalted) as a fun finger food. Soya bean seeds grow small, slightly fuzzy pods that hold fat green beans which pop easily out of the cooked pods. They have a smooth rich taste that kids love. Good for freezing also. The plants are big and vigorous but the fresh soya bean seeds are delicate so don't drop or crush them. Plant when the soil has warmed in late May to early June and grow like bush beans You may also raise some as transplants to set out after the rain stops in early June. In our trials, in well-watered plants, sugars accumulated at about the same rate as seed expansion. Seeds are largest and the sugar content of seed was highest in plants maintained in well watered condition. Edamame should be harvested when seed size is maximised but before any yellowing of the pods occur. An indicator that this is about to happen is that the lower leaves on the plant start to yellow. Soybean plants require warm weather and so wait for reliable summer weather before planting outside. Plan for a 3 to 4 month growing season for the soybeans to mature.  Our variety comes from Japan and is a non-GMO product.(Family: Pea, Fabaceae)

Note: All soya beans should be cooked prior to eating. Fresh soya beans contain mild toxins that can cause nausea if eaten raw. Cooking neutralizes these properties.



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