Farm Box Week Two

Farm Box Pickup Week Two

After learning how the system works, it becomes immediately a routine part of our week. Every Tuesday we look forward to finding out what’s in this week’s CSA farm box program. Lydia at Cropthorne Farm does up a chalk board each week, and it’s kind of smart marketing. Already we have “box envy” for her customers who opted for the Medium size. They get a few more items each week, and the diversity is compelling. In week two we got carrots, cucumbers, spinach, radishes and the first of (no doubt) many zucchinis. Although the radishes were gorgeous, perfect, and huge, we traded them for a bag of mixed salad greens from the swap box. This is just the perfect amount of veg for two people, and it was all used up by the following Tuesday…

Farm Box Week Three

Farm Box Pickup Week Three

Kohlrabi and napa cabbage (sui choi) accompanied beets, a giant lettuce, and succulent Warba potatoes this past week. To help her customers deal with “challenging” vegetables, Lydia posts recipes in a weekly newsletter – again, this is very good marketing for the farm, and builds original content for her website. We made a small batch of kimchi with the cabbage, and a delicious cole slaw with the kohlrabi. If you don’t use these vegetables regularly, you can forget how enjoyable they are. Plus everything is so fresh, it smells great and tastes amazing. Once more, there was a little envy happening for that Medium Box.

The pleasure continues, and the anticipation of each new box is simply value added entertainment. We are rethinking our meal plans for the week now, and enjoying our engagement with the farm. I’ll keep recording this as it goes, and report every couple of weeks.