We love the Queen of Green. Since 2009, environmentalist Lindsay Coulter has been blogging as David Suzuki’s Queen of Green on the website of the David Suzuki Foundation. If you want to take practical steps to reduce your carbon footprint, this blog is the place to start your journey. Coulter focuses on practices and products that we use every day, providing very simple green options. Take her Body Care Recipes for Men, for instance. Or her post on Eco-Friendly Car Wax. These are really basic and easy topics, but there are lots of garden related posts as well, on everything from pollinator conservation to running a more effective composting system.

The Queen of Green is an innovator, too, with her mind always on the future. Who would have imagined A Carpooler’s Etiquette List? Moth-Proofing without Mothballs is another favourite. Everywhere you look in her blog archive, you’ll find useful, sensible ideas and tips for greener living.

She’s even got videos on Youtube:

Pound for pound, David Suzuki’s Queen of Green presents the most realistic, down to earth, and achievable recipes and suggestions found on the web. We recommend that you Commit to Grow by subscribing to her upbeat, topical blog.