Practice mindful gardening with our new Gardening Journal. Complete with printable pages, this journal serves as a practical reference to guide you from garden planning through harvest. Pages include plant profiles, seed tracking charts, a checklist, even a budgeting page, and so much more. Your Garden Journal can be used digitally or printed out. Here are some ways you can utilize your very own Gardening Journal:

1. Set intentions for the growing season

Setting intentions can help gardeners find purpose in their growing pursuits. Calling for a focus on realistic, attainable goals can be an effective approach to achieving success in the garden.

2. To increase success in the garden

What does success in the garden actually mean, though? You define your own ideas of what success means to you! Is your goal to harvest snackable cherry tomatoes from your small balcony garden? Is cutting a colourful bouquet of homegrown flowers the ultimate achievement? That’s up to you to decide.

3. To learn more about gardening, your environment, and yourself

Plan it out, write it down, tend to your plants, and watch them grow while monitoring your success and taking on learning opportunities along the way. The garden presents a chance for education, sharing wisdom, experimentation, exchanging knowledge, and deepening our connection to ourselves, others, and the earth.

4. To set a budget

Deciding what you want to grow can inform the tools and supplies you’ll need to make that possible. Perhaps you find that your spade needs replacing, or that you could use a set of gloves for heavy-duty gardening. Our budgeting page can help you break down your purchasing needs by category.

5. To draw your space

Whether you have a teeny balcony, a community garden plot, a substantial backyard, or a sprawling acreage, drawing your garden space from a birds-eye view will allow you to better envision your space. Decisions around companion planting can be instrumental in your garden’s success, which can be considered in your drawn plan.

6. To track your seeds from purchase to harvest

Not only is it helpful for future gardening efforts, but tracking your seeds is also a fun way to monitor your garden as your plants grow. Remember the spot where your parents may have marked your height in pencil on the wall over the years? Sort of like that!

7. To track pests

While there are plenty of beneficial visitors to the garden such as birds, butterflies, and predatory insects, there are also unwelcome pests that can pose some gardening challenges. Thankfully, we offer suggestions on our blog for mitigating and treating any issues that may arise during your gardening journey. Additionally, tracking pests when they appear and how their visit was treated can serve as a reminder to you and as acquired garden wisdom to share with other gardeners in your life.

Download Gardening Journal HERE.

Download additional Plant Profile pages HERE.

Download additional Companion Planting pages HERE.