Salvia is a close relative of conventional sage, but is grown for its handsome blue flowers rather than as a culinary herb. It is a member of the mint family.

Salvia longispicata x farinacea
Family: Laminaceae

Easy but slow

Season & Zone
Exposure: Full sun – some afternoon shade is appreciated
Zone: 8 with frost protection - mostly grown as an annual

Start indoors late winter to early spring. Transplant out or direct sow starting mid-April. Starting indoors may be more reliable, particularly if using bottom heat and maintaining optimal soil temperature at 15-21°C (60-70°F). Seeds should sprout in 2 to 3 weeks.

Sow seeds 3mm (1/8″) deep, and keep soil just moist, not wet. Thin to 40-45cm (16-18") apart.

Prior to transplanting, work the soil to a depth of 30cm (12") to improve drainage. If transplanting to a container, add a quantity of grit or perlite to achieve the same end.