Nemophila menziesii is an annual that is known as Baby Blue Eyes. Cool, moist, light, well-drained soil is best. Grow in partial shade where summer soils get hot. Plants can die from excessive heat. Nemophila may self sow if conditions are right. Barely cover the tiny seeds. Aim for plant spacing at 10cm (4″). Tighter spacing is okay for this small species. It is easy to plant and grow Baby Blue eyes “Nemophila” seeds.

Nemophila menziesii
Family: Boraginaceae

Start indoors, in peat or coir pots, 6-8 weeks before planting out. It’s probably simpler to direct sow in early spring, when a chance of frost is still possible (mid-March on the coast). In mild winter areas, you can direct sow in the fall. Ideal soil temperature for germination: 12°C (55°F). Seeds should sprout in 7-21 days.