Untreated Seeds

Some seed companies treat their seeds with chemicals that act as fungicide or pesticide. Growers on massive industrial scale may wish to use treated seeds to reduce the chance of crop failure due to a sudden cold snap or unusually wet spring weather. Treated seeds are often dyed bright colours to show that chemicals are being used.

West Coast Seeds does not sell treated seeds of any kind. We believe that inserting seeds coated with poison into the earth is an unsound gardening practice. We prefer gaguing the weather patterns from year to year, employing crop protection, and choosing the right seed for the right area. Also, by practicing good organic gardening techniques such as crop rotation and cultivating active “living” soil, pests can be controlled effectively.

Some very small seeds (such as certain carrot varieties) may be “pelleted.” The pelleting process adds a small layer of organic material such as molasses to the seed to allow for sowing with greater precision. Pelleted seeds are different from treated seeds.

Some seeds are "coated" with inert substances like graphite to prevent clumping and make it easier for them to pass through seeding equipment. Coated seeds are different from treated seeds.