How are the seeds packaged?

West Coast Seeds packets are hand-packed by weight. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) sets an approximate standard for the weight of each seed product by species. For instance, on the CFIA website, you can see that artichoke seeds are 25 seeds per gram, and white clover seeds are 1,500 seeds per gram. These numbers are approximations used throughout the agricultural industry.

The seeds per gram listed for each item in our website and print catalogue are actually weighed at the time they arrive in our warehouse. We strive to reflect the most accurate possible seeds per gram measure to help you make informed decisions.

More often than not, the seeds we offer are from the most recent harvest available. We specify to our suppliers that we are looking for fresh, fat seeds because these have the highest rate of germination.

In all cases the “seeds per gram” measurement is an approximation. As seeds age, and as they lose moisture, this standard will change. When ordering seeds, we recommend erring on the side of too many, rather than too few.

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