Need some gift ideas for the gardener in your life? We’ve put together this list of our 20 favourite gardening gifts in 2020.

To help narrow down your options, we’ve categorized gifts for kids, indoor gardeners, beginner gardeners, experienced gardeners, and even those gardeners who seem to have everything.

Gardening Gifts for Kids

Kid's Mason Bee HouseMason Bee House

Starting a Mason Bee House is a fun and educational experience. Teach your kids the importance of these precious pollinators in a garden’s ecosystem. You’ll also get the added benefit of watching your own flowers and veggies flourish. Cocoons are sold separately.

Jr. Bug Collection KitJr Bug Collection Kit

What kid wouldn’t want to take a closer inspection of the garden’s creepy crawlies? This Jr. Bug Collection Kit includes a box with screened windows and wood-framed magnifying glass. Great for worms, beetles, slugs, and butterflies — just remember to let them free when you're finished!

L'il Monkee Kids GlovesL’il Monkee Kids Gloves

Getting your first pair of gardening gloves is the beginning of a whole new chapter in life. With protective nylon knit, rubber crinkle latex coating, and a sure-grip palm, your young green-thumb will be set for years… or at least until they outgrow them!

Coir Pellets for GardeningCoir Pellets

A great way to introduce young ones to germination. Coir pellets are an eco-friendly alternative to peat-based seedling pellets, as they are housed within a biodegradable net. When watered, they expand and stand upright, forming a rounded cylinder. Plant your seeds and leave them to germinate before transplanting into a larger pot or box.

Indoor Gardening Gifts

Microgreen traysMicrogreen Trays

This is where most indoor garden plants begin their life, so help an indoor gardener keep the momentum going. Thicker gauge plastic than conventional seedling trays makes these microgreen trays sturdier for repeated use.

Mini Indoor Greenhouse KitMini Greenhouse Kit

Mini greenhouses are a cost-effective way for indoor gardeners to grow their own produce and microgreens without any fuss. Just plant seeds, add water and cover with the dome. Once seedlings appear, remove the dome and readjust the light stand simple as that!
Organic microgreen seedsMicrogreen Seeds

Microgreens are planted in soil, just like any other herb or vegetable seeds. Once they germinate, the typical growth-to-harvest time is between 4–6 weeks. Indoor gardeners will love the variety of flavours available; basil, arugula, amaranth, beet, mustard, and more.

Sunblaster indoor microgreen garden kitSunblaster Growlight Garden

Splurge on the perfect indoor microgreen garden set-up. This compact unit is ideal for table or kitchen countertop use. The hood's height is adjustable, meaning once seedlings sprout, you can lower the hood to the tops of the plants and they will grow bushy, strong, and compact. All plastic components are 100% recycled.

Gifts for Beginner Gardeners

Garden Shears from West Coast Seeds Garden Shear

Help a beginner gardener replace the kitchen scissors. These symmetrically designed shears from Pinebush Home and Garden are perfect for left or right-handed people. They will stay sharp for a long time, and make precision pruning and trimming much easier.

You Grow Girl Gardening GlovesYou Grow Girl Gloves

Slip-on elastic wrist gloves made using ‘WasteNot’ spandex, made from 96% recycled PET water bottles, are a great gift for the eco-conscious gardener in your life. They’re comfy, fashionable, and protective for all types of gardening tasks.

Gaia Organic Fertilizer sold at West Coast SeedsGaia Organic Fertilizer

Organically made all-purpose fertilizer enriches the soil to give plants the nutrients they need to grow strong roots and healthy harvests. This 4-4-4 blend is suitable for a range of soil-grown crops and makes an excellent gift for beginner gardeners and experts, too.

Vented Seedling DomeVented Seedling Dome

A great gift for those who are learning to transplant their seedlings. These clear plastic domes will fit over all standard seedlings trays to help maintain humidity during seed germination and plant propagation. The dome is 7 inches in height and vented to help with airflow.

Gifts for Experienced Gardeners

Worm factory vermicomposting unitWorm Factory

Experienced gardeners will love this odourless vermicomposting unit that turns kitchen scraps into worm castings. This kit comes complete with tools, coir and paper bedding, instructions, compost thermometer, and a drainage spigot. Just add worms!

Hori-Hori Gardening KnifeHori-Hori Knife

All-purpose gardening knife made with a stainless steel blade. A protective sheath attaches to a belt for easy access. The edge is serrated for cutting into the soil and through roots. Our own Garden Coordinator loves using this product in our trial gardens.

Mason Bee Castle Mason Bee Castle

We’ve listed Mason Bees as a great gift for kids, but truly, they’re a great gift for any gardener. Having mason bees so close to a garden greatly improves pollination for flowers, berries, and fruit trees. This castle holds up to 60 bees. Cocoons are sold separately.

72 Cell Plug Inserts72 Cell Plug Inserts

It never hurts to have a few extra plug inserts laying around the shed. These flats break apart into 12 sections of 6 cells each or can be kept intact, depending on the gardener’s needs. Great for planting individual seeds like lettuce or tomatoes, or for small groups of seeds.

Gifts for Gardeners Who Seem To Have Everything

 Himalayan Blue Poppy Seeds Challenging Plants

Give a gardener something to test their ability. While the level of difficulty when growing plants is a largely subjective subject, we think Himalayan Blue Poppy, Organic Stevia Herb, and Okra are among the top challenges.

Quality Vegetable, Herb, Flower Seeds for Sale Vegetable, Herb & Flower Seeds

Gardeners are always looking to restock their supply of seeds for vegetables, herbs, and flowers. With hundreds of organic varieties to choose from, West Coast Seeds likely has the right selection for the master gardener in your life.

 Eco-friendly Potmaker for gardenersPotmaker

Give an environmentally friendly gift that keeps on giving. Gardeners can simply roll and press their old newspapers into an endless supply of sturdy little pots that are ideal for starting seeds and cuttings. Made in Canada, the press and form are constructed of solid maple.

Gardening gift card from West Coast SeedsPersonalized Gift Cards

Still can’t decide? A gift card is a perfect way to show your appreciation for any gardener. Sent electronically with your personal message included, gift cards for West Coast Seeds start at $25.00. Let them shop for themselves this holiday season!